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01/31/16Bowdoin College2University of Virginia7
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  Bowdoin College Rating University of Virginia Rating Winner's Score Winner Status
1SLee, Torey 0.000000Danforth, Carey Lapsed-member11-8,11-8,12-10Bowdoin CollegeC
2SHorwitz, Lex Lapsed-memberTyson, Diane J4.70520011-7,11-6,13-11University of VirginiaC
3SRoss, Virginia Lapsed-memberMayhew, Madeleine L.Lapsed-member11-8,11-9,10-12,11-5Bowdoin CollegeC
4SPolikoff, Chloe Lapsed-memberProckop, Molly SLapsed-member11-9,7-11,11-5,11-8University of VirginiaC
5SMendoza, Mariela Lapsed-memberJones, Bella C.Lapsed-member11-6,11-2,11-3University of VirginiaC
6SWood, Zoe Lapsed-memberWhelan, Amanda Lapsed-member11-1,11-4,11-1University of VirginiaC
7SAmpatey, Nicole Lapsed-memberStack, Isabel 4.11453211-1,11-2,11-5University of VirginiaC
8SLaplant, Natalie Lapsed-memberGrenier, Carolyn Y.Lapsed-member11-8,11-3,11-5University of VirginiaC
9SRubi, Perla Lapsed-memberCraig, Candace A.3.67156411-3,11-2,11-3University of VirginiaC
10S Match not played
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