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02/07/20Pennsylvania, University of9Columbia University0
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  Pennsylvania, University of Rating Columbia University Rating Winner's Score Winner Status
1SDouglas, Andrew P.6.810863Wyatt, James 6.42705211-9,11-5,11-3Pennsylvania, University ofC
2SAbou El Einen, Aly 6.814572Hall, Callan M6.42647711-3,11-2,11-2Pennsylvania, University ofC
3SFlynn, James 6.632640Mann, Robin Singh 6.30957411-7,11-1,8-11,11-8Pennsylvania, University ofC
4SHuang, Dillon C6.464899Kapur, Krish 6.19482811-5,11-5,11-3Pennsylvania, University ofC
5SBhargava, Yash 6.402481Shah, Chaitanya 6.21568711-9,7-11,11-2,11-7Pennsylvania, University ofC
6SYacobucci, David M6.371200Ghaeli, Justin 5.94407411-9,11-9,11-9Pennsylvania, University ofC
7SChoudhary, Saksham 6.388200Sehrawat, Rahul 6.05909911-6,11-8,12-10Pennsylvania, University ofC
8SHagen, Wil 6.145534Kankariya, Aditya 5.8985197-11,11-6,11-6,11-3Pennsylvania, University ofC
9SMurray, Ryan A5.972342Camiener, Hugh 5.77610511-3,11-4,11-2Pennsylvania, University ofC
10SShahani, Tushar K5.990381Jung, Andrew Lapsed-member11-6,11-0,11-5Pennsylvania, University ofC
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