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01/18/20Middlebury College3Franklin and Marshall College6
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  Middlebury College Rating Franklin and Marshall College Rating Winner's Score Winner Status
1SBermingham, Nick 5.534308Jeeva, Sanjay 6.01353511-4,11-6,11-3Franklin and Marshall CollegeC
2SCembalest, Will 5.651559Parekh, Aryan 5.64561711-7,11-9,1-11,3-11,11-8Middlebury CollegeC
3SEllen, Jacob 5.578573Senkel, Yannis 5.74643212-10,11-6,7-11,11-13,11-4Franklin and Marshall CollegeC
4SKagan, Jacob A.5.480899Dukarm, Matthew 5.4545429-11,11-3,11-9,11-7Middlebury CollegeC
5SEpley, John CLapsed-memberAdvani, Raunak Lapsed-member11-13,11-8,11-7,11-6Franklin and Marshall CollegeC
6SMoll, Nate 5.287911Hinostroza, Flavio 5.42989811-9,9-11,11-5,13-11Franklin and Marshall CollegeC
7SKeller, PK 5.212085Eill, Teddy 5.66117411-4,11-9,11-9Franklin and Marshall CollegeC
8SHinton, Wiatt F.5.247065Bassett, Kingman 5.25770811-9,11-6,14-12Middlebury CollegeC
9SMerrill, Alexander O.5.196074Tompkins, Allen C.5.1200628-11,11-6,11-9,11-6Franklin and Marshall CollegeC
10SGiles, Alex 4.260816Brooks, Brahm 4.68213411-4,11-9,11-3Franklin and Marshall CollegeC
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