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01/26/20Virginia, University of6Columbia University3
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  Virginia, University of Rating Columbia University Rating Winner's Score Winner Status
1SEl Torkey, Omar 6.709239Wyatt, James 6.42705211-8,11-9,11-7Virginia, University ofC
2SHussein, Aly 6.850918Hall, Callan M6.42647711-3,11-7,11-6Virginia, University ofC
3SHoley, William C6.108897Mann, Robin Singh 6.3095747-11,5-11,11-3,11-5,11-6Columbia UniversityC
4SLittle, Cullen F6.046109Kapur, Krish 6.19482811-9,13-11,4-11,11-5Virginia, University ofC
5SMiller, Peter C 6.004015Shah, Chaitanya 6.21568711-7,11-6,11-9Columbia UniversityC
6SYates, Glenn 5.895084Ghaeli, Justin 5.94407411-3,10-12,11-7,11-8Columbia UniversityC
7SHansford, Toby S.Lapsed-memberSehrawat, Rahul 6.05909911-3,11-9,11-7Virginia, University ofC
8SBraff, William 5.817796Kankariya, Aditya 5.89851911-5,11-6,11-8Virginia, University ofC
9SDurfee, Teddy 5.906230Camiener, Hugh 5.77610511-5,6-11,11-6,11-9Virginia, University ofC
10SBraff, Andrew C.5.854827Jung, Andrew Lapsed-member12-10,11-4,11-9Virginia, University ofC
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