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01/11/20Virginia, University of9Vassar College0
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  Virginia, University of Rating Vassar College Rating Winner's Score Winner Status
1SHussein, Aly 6.761748Mustafa, Sameer A.4.94824411-6,11-5,11-2Virginia, University ofC
2SEl Torkey, Omar 6.625694Mitchell, Henry 4.35668111-3,11-5,11-4Virginia, University ofC
3SMiller, Peter C 5.995130Wisneski, Alex 4.02230311-2,11-2,11-2Virginia, University ofC
4SBraff, William 5.746590Hein, Matthew A.4.07589511-3,11-3,11-4Virginia, University ofC
5SDurfee, Teddy 5.824159Collins, Reese 4.10115111-2,11-1,11-1Virginia, University ofC
6SBraff, Andrew C.5.789412Swan, Max G. 3.90084711-1,11-3,11-1Virginia, University ofC
7SKatz, Matthew 5.754338Condon, Liam 3.82093411-4,11-2,11-4Virginia, University ofC
8SMackesy, Tyler S.5.688646Miles, Jonah 3.72675611-2,11-0,11-2Virginia, University ofC
9SKapp, Harrison A5.470685Finkelstein, Josh 3.54768311-3,11-3,11-4Virginia, University ofC
10SKohlmeyer, Christian 5.187629Solender, Andrew Lapsed-member11-2,11-2,11-1Virginia, University ofC
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