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02/16/19Franklin and Marshall College6Naval Academy2
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  Franklin and Marshall College Rating Naval Academy Rating Winner's Score Winner Status
1SAbbas, Shamseldeen ALapsed-memberLentz, Jonathan RLapsed-member11-5,11-9,12-14,11-7Naval AcademyC
2SJeeva, Sanjay Lapsed-memberKacergis, Michael PLapsed-member11-6,7-11,11-9,11-7Franklin and Marshall CollegeC
3SSoom, Silvio Lapsed-memberDavis, Owen 5.96541810-12,11-6,11-6,11-7Franklin and Marshall CollegeC
5SParekh, Aryan Lapsed-memberSweeney, Dylan F.5.69810211-9,11-5,11-7Franklin and Marshall CollegeC
6SPolikoff, Boden B.Lapsed-memberKjorlien, James OLapsed-member11-7,11-7,11-7Naval AcademyC
7SDukarm, Matthew Lapsed-memberYork, Ryan 5.66758011-6,11-5,11-9Franklin and Marshall CollegeC
8SMachado, Ricardo Lapsed-memberKorn, Ben M.5.2463107-11,7-11,11-7,11-7,11-7Franklin and Marshall CollegeC
9STompkins, Allen C.5.326957Finnegan, Daniel J4.98937911-5,12-10,11-9Franklin and Marshall CollegeC
10S Match not played
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