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01/20/19Yale University3Rochester, University of6
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  Yale University Rating Rochester, University of Rating Winner's Score Winner Status
1SLovejoy, Spencer W.6.645298Davies, Ashley G.6.49035011-4,11-4,8-11,9-11,11-9Rochester, University ofC
2SRaziel, Nadav 6.611514Lopez Valdivia, Ricardo Lapsed-member11-6,11-4,11-2Yale UniversityC
3SGill, Harrison 6.492458Toth, Matthew 6.4342414-11,11-8,7-11,12-10,11-3Rochester, University ofC
4SMcCafferty, Calvin 6.208774Kuhn, Lawrence Lapsed-member11-7,3-11,11-9,8-11,11-7Rochester, University ofC
5SCarney, Tyler M.5.958409Van der Pluijm, Thijs 6.17369411-9,11-8,8-11,11-4Rochester, University ofC
6SWorth, Tiber M.6.094816Sim Wei Jie, Marcus 6.34994514-12,11-13,1-11,11-3,11-6Rochester, University ofC
7SKim, Eric 6.158760Segundo Corona, Cesar 6.2515617-11,10-12,13-11,11-3,11-4Yale UniversityC
8SLosty, James A Lapsed-memberPorras, Rodrigo Lapsed-member13-11,9-11,11-8,11-7Rochester, University ofC
9Spandole, yohan Lapsed-memberMartin, Sergio Lapsed-member11-8,13-11,11-6Yale UniversityC
10SRhee, Jacob 5.741450Iyer, Siddhant 5.58639411-9,11-9,11-9Rochester, University ofC
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