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12/02/18St. Lawrence University2Pennsylvania, University of7
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  St. Lawrence University Rating Pennsylvania, University of Rating Winner's Score Winner Status
1SEl Gawarhy, Mohamed 6.715292Douglas, Andrew P.6.80767511-2,11-9,11-5St. Lawrence UniversityC
2SIbrahim, Karim 6.559874Abou El Einen, Aly 6.81153411-8,11-8,3-11,10-12,11-7Pennsylvania, University ofC
3SNawar, Belal 6.376373Yacobucci, David M6.3681266-11,11-1,11-7,11-8St. Lawrence UniversityC
4SWillis, George 5.846898Flynn, James 6.62947411-9,11-7,11-3Pennsylvania, University ofC
5SFikry, Youssef H5.778901Mehl, Michael 6.09986111-5,11-8,12-10Pennsylvania, University ofC
6SElrayes, Kareem 5.821724Tarek, Karim Lapsed-member11-7,11-3,11-6Pennsylvania, University ofC
7SThawani, Aran 5.256548Bhargava, Yash 6.39932711-1,11-8,11-8Pennsylvania, University ofC
8SWarren, Cameron 4.909011Hagen, Wil 6.14242611-5,11-0,11-4Pennsylvania, University ofC
9SSoper, Jack Lapsed-memberZeitels, Jonathan M5.73088711-1,11-2,11-2Pennsylvania, University ofC
10SYerena, Antonio Lapsed-memberNorman, Alex Lapsed-member11-0,11-4,11-4Pennsylvania, University ofC
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