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01/13/19Hobart College0Franklin and Marshall College9
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  Hobart College Rating Franklin and Marshall College Rating Winner's Score Winner Status
1SAbdelhafez, Mohamed 5.412475Abbas, Shamseldeen A5.69586811-9,11-3,11-7Franklin and Marshall CollegeC
2SUdy, Quinn 5.431991Jeeva, Sanjay 6.01375611-6,11-8,11-8Franklin and Marshall CollegeC
3SMulholland, Michael 4.934574Senkel, Yannis 5.74660511-3,11-5,11-3Franklin and Marshall CollegeC
4SDavis, Quran 4.462909Parekh, Aryan 5.64581711-3,11-3,11-0Franklin and Marshall CollegeC
5STemoyan, Cameron DLapsed-memberDukarm, Matthew 5.45471011-7,11-3,11-0Franklin and Marshall CollegeC
6SPugliese, Josh E.Lapsed-memberTompkins, Allen C.5.12014411-1,11-5,11-4Franklin and Marshall CollegeC
7Samory, henry Lapsed-memberMurray, Frank H.Lapsed-member11-3,11-9,11-4Franklin and Marshall CollegeC
8SWan, Jeffrey 3.707967Fulton, Samm Lapsed-member11-1,11-2,11-4Franklin and Marshall CollegeC
9SDefault.0.000000Brooks, Brahm 4.68215511-0,11-0,11-0Franklin and Marshall CollegeDF
10S Match not played
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