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01/12/19St. Lawrence University6Franklin and Marshall College3
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  St. Lawrence University Rating Franklin and Marshall College Rating Winner's Score Winner Status
1SEl Gawarhy, Mohamed 6.19953Abbas, Shamseldeen A5.6443911-2,11-4,11-3St. Lawrence UniversityC
2SIbrahim, Karim 6.06701Jeeva, Sanjay 5.8934911-5,11-5,9-11,11-5St. Lawrence UniversityC
3SNawar, Belal 5.99109Soom, Silvio 5.5336611-4,11-7,11-8St. Lawrence UniversityC
4SCorigliano, Enzo 6.09396Senkel, Yannis 5.7231511-4,6-11,11-9,11-4St. Lawrence UniversityC
5SWillis, George 5.5526Parekh, Aryan 5.7090511-6,12-10,11-6Franklin and Marshall CollegeC
6SFikry, Youssef H5.46768Mylod, Ned 5.4989911-9,11-9,11-8St. Lawrence UniversityC
7SElrayes, Kareem 5.44323Polikoff, Boden B.5.3565311-9,16-14,9-11,11-6St. Lawrence UniversityC
8SNg, Derek 5.08495Dukarm, Matthew 5.5300711-6,11-9,11-7Franklin and Marshall CollegeC
9SThawani, Aran 4.88802Bassett, Kingman 5.2025811-3,11-13,11-2,11-8Franklin and Marshall CollegeC
10SWarren, Cameron 4.82384Machado, Ricardo 5.2230411-7,11-7,11-8Franklin and Marshall CollegeC
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