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02/03/19Virginia, University of5Franklin and Marshall College4
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  Virginia, University of Rating Franklin and Marshall College Rating Winner's Score Winner Status
1SHoley, William C5.706427Abbas, Shamseldeen A5.59913111-6,6-11,11-5,11-6Franklin and Marshall CollegeC
2SBraff, William 5.418008Jeeva, Sanjay 5.94400411-3,11-7,11-5Franklin and Marshall CollegeC
3SHansford, Toby S.5.589158Soom, Silvio 5.5420067-11,11-6,14-12,11-4Virginia, University ofC
4SBubrosky, Grayson P.5.499675Parekh, Aryan 5.61950812-10,10-12,8-11,13-11,11-0Virginia, University ofC
5SBraff, Andrew C.5.494432Senkel, Yannis 5.68192611-9,11-3,11-8Franklin and Marshall CollegeC
6SYates, Glenn 5.519213Polikoff, Boden B.5.36225411-5,11-3,9-11,11-7Virginia, University ofC
7SOdrich, Jarett M5.419107Dukarm, Matthew Lapsed-member11-8,11-6,9-11,11-7Franklin and Marshall CollegeC
8SKatz, Matthew 5.490528Bassett, Kingman 5.2325706-11,11-4,11-6,12-10Virginia, University ofC
9SWoodworth, Charles K5.305668Machado, Ricardo 5.19872411-4,11-9,11-6Virginia, University ofC
10SDudzik, James G5.344510Murray, Frank H.5.00049211-6,11-2,11-8Virginia, University ofC
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