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02/24/18Franklin and Marshall College5Bates College4
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  Franklin and Marshall College Rating Bates College Rating Winner's Score Winner Status
1SJeeva, Sanjay 6.013535Yousry, Mahmoud 5.42191511-6,11-6,11-8Franklin and Marshall CollegeC
2SSoom, Silvio Lapsed-memberBonnell, Graham 5.48435011-8,11-7,9-11,11-5Franklin and Marshall CollegeC
3SSenkel, Yannis 5.746432Attia, Omar 5.41758413-11,13-11,11-0Franklin and Marshall CollegeC
4SFulton, Samm Lapsed-memberCannon, Coley Lapsed-member11-8,7-11,11-7,11-8Bates CollegeC
5SPolikoff, Boden B.5.399737Abbott, McLeod Lapsed-member11-8,9-11,11-5,11-5Franklin and Marshall CollegeC
6SBassett, Kingman 5.257708Nambiar, Anirudh Lapsed-member11-7,11-9,11-6Bates CollegeC
7SMachado, Ricardo Lapsed-memberRothenberg, Garon G.5.25707211-9,11-9,12-10Bates CollegeC
8SMurray, Frank H.Lapsed-memberMcComish, Benni 5.16188512-10,11-9,11-8Franklin and Marshall CollegeC
9SSorochev, Mykhailo Lapsed-memberMuldoon, Dylan 4.99664110-12,13-11,6-11,11-6,11-1Bates CollegeC
10S Match not played
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