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02/03/18Stanford University9University of Southern California0
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  Stanford University Rating University of Southern California Rating Winner's Score Winner Status
1SHindy, Yousef 5.371936Lin, Fred 4.80560411-6,11-7,11-6Stanford UniversityC
2SMehrotra, Raghav Lapsed-memberBloomer, Will Lapsed-member11-6,11-7,11-3Stanford UniversityC
3SSarmiento, juan 4.791015Jhunjhnuwala, Shivang Lapsed-member11-9,11-8,11-8Stanford UniversityC
4SPeisch, Chris 4.490629Pearce, Benjamin 4.10870511-5,11-7,11-7Stanford UniversityC
5SDuffy, Samuel K.4.660408Kohli, Mehran 4.04260411-7,11-3,11-5Stanford UniversityC
6SPremutico, Samuel 4.941041Shang, Kelvin H.4.05316011-8,11-7,11-4Stanford UniversityC
7SEsposito, Benjamin F4.206302Lin, Emma 3.74657511-7,11-9,11-9Stanford UniversityC
8SWu, Dan 4.190129Schwartz, Alexandra Lapsed-member11-7,7-11,11-8,11-8Stanford UniversityC
9SKennedy, Tom 4.117784Yerby, Cooper 0.00000011-6,11-5,11-4Stanford UniversityC
10S Match not played
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