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02/03/18Minnesota, University of1University of Southern California8
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  Minnesota, University of Rating University of Southern California Rating Winner's Score Winner Status
1SGhazanfar, Anas 5.027896Lin, Fred 1.62123012-10,12-10,11-8Minnesota, University ofC
1SGhazanfar, Anas 5.027896Lin, Fred 4.80645612-10,12-10,11-8Minnesota, University ofC
2SBraaten, Jacob 4.172785Bloomer, Will Lapsed-member11-7,11-9,11-7University of Southern CaliforniaC
3SVercellone, Sean 3.820127Jhunjhnuwala, Shivang Lapsed-member11-5,11-1,11-3University of Southern CaliforniaC
4SSolanki, Arnav 3.717431Pearce, Benjamin 4.11014611-4,11-3,11-6University of Southern CaliforniaC
5SBhatnagar, Rahil 3.441013Kohli, Mehran 4.04087211-4,11-6,11-1University of Southern CaliforniaC
6SStich, Brady 0.000000Shang, Kelvin H.4.05314011-0,11-5,11-5University of Southern CaliforniaC
7SYang, Phia 3.401938Lin, Emma 3.74634211-5,11-6,11-1University of Southern CaliforniaC
8SSt. Clair, Holly 2.914269Schwartz, Alexandra Lapsed-member11-4,11-5,11-5University of Southern CaliforniaC
9SDefault.0.000000Yerby, Cooper 0.00000011-0,11-0,11-0University of Southern CaliforniaDF
10S Match not played
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