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10/21/17Siena College9University of Vermont0
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  Siena College Rating University of Vermont Rating Winner's Score Winner Status
1SRahim, Faizan U.4.331217Not on roster0.00000011-6,11-5,11-3Siena CollegeC
2SMcQuade, Jack 3.699315Spofford, Knowles Lapsed-member11-4,11-13,11-9,11-8Siena CollegeC
3STavarone, Tucker 3.809900Not on roster0.00000011-1,11-5,11-7Siena CollegeC
4SZurlo, Alexander M3.668594Not on roster0.00000012-10,11-2,11-3Siena CollegeC
5SSileo, Gregory 3.380748von Weise, Emily 0.00000011-4,11-2,11-4Siena CollegeC
6SFerrer, Alexander 3.570200Not on roster0.00000011-6,11-3,11-5Siena CollegeC
7SVillalona, Jonathan 3.386583Not on roster0.00000011-0,11-0,11-5Siena CollegeC
8SGallagher, Joey 3.667523Default.0.00000011-0,11-0,11-0Siena CollegeDF
9SCaron, Thomas 3.469888Default.0.00000011-0,11-0,11-0Siena CollegeDF
10SMassoumi, Alex 3.296978Default.0.00000011-0,11-0,11-0Siena CollegeDF
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