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01/27/18MIT2University of Virginia7
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  MIT Rating University of Virginia Rating Winner's Score Winner Status
1SO'Connor, Joe C.5.53183Blake, Mason A.5.6109113-11,11-3,11-7University of VirginiaC
2SKukadia, Vedaant 5.38998Hansford, Toby S.5.4118313-11,7-11,11-13,11-5,11-8University of VirginiaC
3SMartin, Henry 5.51447Odrich, Jarett M5.432849-11,11-7,11-6,9-11,12-10MITC
4SWu, William 5.49257Bubrosky, Grayson P.5.5150211-7,11-5,11-4University of VirginiaC
5SHu, Jeffrey Lapsed-memberBraff, William 5.46369-11,11-6,11-6,11-5University of VirginiaC
6SRestivo, Justin 5.08736Woodworth, Charles K5.331236-11,4-11,12-10,16-14,13-11MITC
7SDas, Neel 5.13274Bubrosky, Killian 5.33758-11,12-10,12-10,11-4University of VirginiaC
8SLamp, Avery 5.04388Katz, Matthew 5.5018311-7,11-4,11-3University of VirginiaC
9SKang, Wonjune 4.93318Kapp, Harrison A5.2735511-6,11-4,11-8University of VirginiaC
10S Match not played
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