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01/20/18Middlebury College4Franklin and Marshall College5
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  Middlebury College Rating Franklin and Marshall College Rating Winner's Score Winner Status
1SCembalest, Will 5.48548Jeeva, Sanjay 5.8713113-11,5-11,12-10,11-7Franklin and Marshall CollegeC
2SEllen, Jacob 5.54759Soom, Silvio 5.54511-8,11-2,8-11,11-4Franklin and Marshall CollegeC
3SKagan, Jacob A.5.51209Senkel, Yannis 5.721911-9,11-1,12-10Franklin and Marshall CollegeC
4SPearson, Henry Lapsed-memberFulton, Samm 5.1769611-9,11-5,12-10Franklin and Marshall CollegeC
5SHinton, Wiatt F.5.24078Polikoff, Boden B.5.2919211-8,11-9,11-7Franklin and Marshall CollegeC
6SEpley, John C5.5129Bassett, Kingman 5.1506911-8,11-6,11-5Middlebury CollegeC
7SMerrill, Alexander O.5.26139Machado, Ricardo 5.209787-11,11-7,12-10,11-5Middlebury CollegeC
8SWolpow, Thomas S5.17852Murray, Frank H.4.9548111-3,3-11,11-7,11-5Middlebury CollegeC
9SKurth, William B.Lapsed-memberSorochev, Mykhailo 4.8954911-5,11-6,11-3Middlebury CollegeC
10SSwope, Ryan Lapsed-memberBrooks, Brahm 4.5287111-3,11-0,11-3Middlebury CollegeC
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