U.S. SQUASH - Position Ladder
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Bowdoin College
CSA men's ladder

Ladder closed 3/5/2019 10:00:00 AM
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U:Unavailable (away), Date:Suggested Date to be played and (last day to play), W:Wait before re-challenge,*=Played within 5 days
Status Return Number of
Win Loss
1Kanwal, Deven S.5.54-12-2
2Milligan, John 5.15-2224
3Sobhy, Adham 5.25-33-3
4Claar, Carson 5.10-3134
5Somerby, Henry 5.20-4314
6Shonrock, Tyler 5.13-4134
7Leech, Gannon 5.15-3123
8Clark, Drew H.5.09-4224
9perez, edwardo 4.79-3213
10George, Ishaan 4.86-3123
11Preusse, Charlie 4.64-2213
12Hobbs, Zachary 4.39-2123
13Rase, Travis 4.18-3224
14Halpert, Sam 4.03-1-22
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