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Ranking Player Rating City
Adult Rankings
1Garner, Ben 6.731078Owings Mills,MD
2Tutrone, Taylor W6.380195Baltimore,MD
2Tutrone, Taylor W3.60683Baltimore,MD
3Kachur, Dylan 6.30811Bethlehem,CT
4Cromwell, David M6.064453Baltimore,MD
5Little, Cullen F6.000045Baltimore,MD
6Cho, Alastair S5.976597Reisterstown,MD
7Bradley, J. Zachary 5.894878Baltimore,MD
7Bradley, J. Zachary 2.20291Baltimore,MD
8Sobhy, Omar 5.872533Baltimore,MD
8Sobhy, Omar 2.42375Baltimore,MD
9Katz, Matthew 5.803194Baltimore,MD
10Evans, Eleonore L5.726685Towson,MD
10Evans, Eleonore L2.57118Towson,MD
11Korn, Rohan 5.694671Stevenson,MD
11Korn, Rohan 1.84422Stevenson,MD
12Dewire, Peter J.5.62191Baltimore,MD
12Dewire, Peter J.1.5Baltimore,MD
13Levin, Brad A.5.594684Hunt Valley,MD
14Korn, Ben M.5.53819Stevenson,MD
14Korn, Ben M.1.55195Stevenson,MD
15Park, Winston 5.533554Baltimore,MD
16Gaynor, William C5.317022Washington,DC
16Gaynor, William C3.04104Washington,DC
17Tutrone, Katie 5.303764Baltimore,MD
17Tutrone, Katie 2.95035Baltimore,MD
18Mitchell, Isaac L5.269994Baltimore,MD
18Mitchell, Isaac L2.00718Baltimore,MD
19Rothwell, Joel M5.265047Catonsville,MD
19Rothwell, Joel M2.10957Catonsville,MD
20Linehan, John 5.152022Baltimore,MD
21Bryan, John H5.118258Baltimore,MD
21Bryan, John H2.00389Baltimore,MD
22Medvecky, Craig R.5.103603Baltimore,MD
22Medvecky, Craig R.2.51521Baltimore,MD
23Katz, Alexander M5.021237Baltimore,MD
24Kolodner, Bradley N.4.996096Baltimore,MD
25Geocadin, Ginno G4.914753Baltimore,MD
26Brooks, Andrew M4.861864New York,NY
26Brooks, Andrew M1.87581New York,NY
27O'Neil, McGee 4.843846Baltimore,MD
28Knipp, Samuel 4.81726Cockeysville,MD
28Knipp, Samuel 1.5Cockeysville,MD
29Beaver, Julia 4.797226Highland,MD
30Daniel, William Q4.77895Darien,CT
31Rice, William 4.743325Baltimore,MD
32Jordan, Bruce 4.701339Baltimore,MD
33Roberts, Eric 4.683448Baltimore,MD
34Devor, John R.4.648892Baltimore,MD
35Pitts, Alex 4.635773Reisterstown,MD
36Chatrathi, Samira G.4.592899Clarksville,MD
37Steinmann, Dell 4.580327Towson,MD
37Steinmann, Dell 1.6239Towson,MD
38Thomas, Logan 4.571005Lutherville Timonium,MD
39Park, Avery 4.560458Baltimore,MD
40Makell, James 4.549419Baltimore,MD
40Makell, James 2.00718Baltimore,MD
41Radek, Joe 4.537401Lutherville,MD
42Finney, Eva 4.513202Lutherville,MD
43Hobbs, Zachary 4.512511Baltimore,MD
44Fried, Andrew 4.503838Baltimore,MD
45Corkum, Jack S4.494207Baltimore,MD
47Khan, Zain R4.476604Ellicott City,MD
46Tien, Michael 4.484008Baltimore,MD
48Feigenberg, Jacob 4.472067Haverford,PA
49Dhillon, Saraj S4.459112Huntvalley,MD
49Dhillon, Saraj S1.75Huntvalley,MD
50Turner, Jeremy E.4.457545New York,NY
51Magee , James M4.434212Cockeysville,MD
52Reddy, Rahul 4.432806Livingston,NJ
53Tritsch, Michael R4.430016Ellicott City,MD
54Lawrence, Susan 4.405838Baltimore,MD
55Bradbury, Jack W4.382129Raleigh ,NC
56Gallagher, Peter 4.375354New York,NY
57Obrecht, Charlie P.4.374426Baltimore,MD
58Wong, Lindsay 4.346386Berkeley,CA
59Pavlovich, Milo 4.332389Baltimore,MD
61Etheridge, Randal B4.306201Butler,MD
62Genth, Harry 4.305243Baltimore,MD
60Losin, Evan 4.313871Owings Mills,MD
63Korn, Daniel 4.304533Baltimore,MD
63Korn, Daniel 1.5Baltimore,MD
64Rubin, Pierce 4.298247Towson,MD
65Galambos, Emma L.4.288382Baltimore,MD
66Inglesby, Ben 4.275255Baltimore,MD
67Tunis, Noah 4.253072Baltimore,MD
68Katz, Andrew C.4.215764Baltimore,MD
70Baranano, David 4.206573Cockeysville,MD
70Baranano, David 1.762Cockeysville,MD
69Raynes, Zachary 4.208042Lahore,JK
71Pearl, Jonathan 4.177607Baltimore,MD
73Everts, Elizabeth A4.157127Monkton,MD
73Everts, Elizabeth A1.90984Monkton,MD
72Von Guionneau, Nicholas 4.160777,
74Inglesby, Luke 4.143028,
75Siegner, Aaron 4.125534Baltimore,MD
77Mackey, Brian D.4.090931Baltimore,MD
77Mackey, Brian D.1.75058Baltimore,MD
76Vincent, Will 4.094958Baltimore,
82Hobson, Jacob 4.075777Cockeysville,MD
78Labonte-Clark, Theodore 4.079166Baltimore,MD
83Meyer, Avery 4.075177Owings Mills,MD
79Payer, Paul F4.079155Ellicott City,MD
80Quaerna, Beau D.4.078349Middle River,MD
81Saggi, Neill 4.076788Cockeysville,MD
84Walsh, Benjamin 4.075012,
85Garner, Beth 4.07295Baltimore,MD
86McNamara, Edward 4.060005Baltimore,MD
87Seibel, Alexander O4.043532Baltimore,MD
89Kearney, Matt 4.027407Baltimore,MD
88Luljak, Peter 4.028635Baltimore,MD
91Dagher, Salah 3.993305Baltimore,MD
90Gajewski, Matthew M3.993996Lutherville,MD
92Brown, Charlie 3.982872,
93Desmit, Doug 3.967973,MD
94Knott, Connor 3.967812Cockeysville,MD
95Brown, Edward 3.958942Baltimore,MD
95Brown, Edward 2.21979Baltimore,MD
96Von Schnell, Nick K3.956516Baltimore,MD
97Jacobson, Peter C3.929584Saint Paul,MD
98Joy, Foster 3.910491Baltimore,MD
99Hershey, Michael 3.904579,
100Rubin, Alex R.3.900758Towson,MD
101Walton, Aidan 3.891672Owings Mills,MD
102Steinitz, Joshua 3.867306Towson,MD
103Morrill, Luke 3.860479,
104Zejmis, Andrew 3.859138,MD
105Hobbs, Robert 3.85438,
106Kolodner, Hillary G3.833535Baltimore,MD
107Sherbakov, Eli 3.829061,MD
109Knipp, Carter 3.820732,
108Pinheiro, Pete 3.823711,
110Pais, Rohan 3.811846Baltimore,MD
111Hutzler, Henry 3.800744Stevenson,MD
112Robbins, Thomas 3.794642Baltimore,MD
113Shayotovich, Randy 3.790661Baltimore,MD
114Shay, Cole 3.784883,MD
115Harriss, John 3.772867Hunt Valley,MD
117Baraban, Asher 3.747565,MD
116Carhuapoma, Ethan 3.75484Baltimore,MD
119Kent, Terel 3.741599Baltimore,MD
118Kinkead, Jack 3.742122Towson,MD
120Paternotte, Jack 3.738493Owings Mills,MD
121Talwar, Reanna S3.728338Baltimore,MD
122Little, John 3.711553,
123Grados, Marco S3.678252,
124Gann, Stan 3.665727,
125Knipp, Carter 3.660309Cockeysville,MD
127Davis Jr, Parker 3.648302Lutherville,MD
126Gann, Jocelyn 3.654105Baltimore,MD
128Grosman, Linley H3.644913Pikesville,MD
129Baker, Howell 3.617048Baltimore,MD
130Gonzal, Paulo C3.610592White Marsh,MD
131Kleiser, Matt 3.610577Lutherville Timonium,MD
132Dowling, William T 3.592481Lutherville,MD
132Dowling, William T 1.5Lutherville,MD
134Chatrathi, Meenakshi 3.576198Clarksville,MD
133Thompson, Tyler 3.579491,
135Caplan, Alice L.3.57432Baltimore,MD
137Concannon, Paul 3.570872,
137Concannon, Paul 2.43339,
136Finkelstein, Josh 3.574185,
139Dame, Emily G.3.556579Baltimore,MD
138Fried, Lauren 3.562153Baltimore,MD
140Gatchell, Emory 3.555778Baltimore,MD
141Cross, Brynn 3.544172,
142Adams, Savoy 3.513448Baltimore,MD
143Little, Samuel 3.508444,
144Towles, Sebastian 3.501004Baltimore,MD
145Ferro, Colson 3.477828,
146Haas, Sam J3.442999,MD
147Kelly, John P3.438358,MD
148Stumpf, Paul S3.419775,MD
149Coiro, Dylan L.3.407217Baltimore,MD
151Howard, Zach 3.395304,
150Peltier, Victoria 3.404473Baltimore,MD
152Busch, Ethan J3.365051Baltimore,MD
153Mitchell, Sloane G3.364699Baltimore,MD
154Williams, Quentin 3.358415Baltimore,MD
155Carlson, D'Arcy 3.353459,MD
157Dawn, Clara 3.340396Baltimore,MD
156Moon, Brian 3.342538Millersville,MD
158Holly, Anne 3.314614York,PA
159Reaves, Marquis 3.287887Baltimore,MD
160Kuebler, Tony 3.275936,
161Sangree, Suzanne 3.214784,MD
163Mananghaya, Zach 3.187761,
162Zidwick, Al 3.189959Cockeysville,MD
164Rosado, Keon 3.164165Baltimore,MD
166Lapin, Jake 3.09824,
165Levin, Michael 3.100343,
167Woodworth, Reese 3.07113,
168McAllister, Anna 3.061358Owings Mills,MD
169Norden, Thomas 3.060843,
170Kaplan, Desmond 3.027324,
172Collins, Grace 3.005143,MD
171Zaharris, Cole 3.005421Towson,MD
173Green, Jalil 2.999434Baltimore,MD
174McKinnon, Mekhai 2.983212Baltimore,MD
175Richberg, Kamarra 2.96964Baltimore,MD
177Stanley, Tyrese 2.967815Baltimore,MD
176Suntha, Cammy 2.968127Cockeysville,MD
179Archey, Luke 2.940389,
178Rosado, Deon 2.940541Baltimore,MD
180Thomas, Shamir 2.922141Baltimore,MD
181Entin, Niki T.2.894961Baltimore,MD
182Liang, Olivia E2.857579Sarasota,FL
184Howser, Elizabeth 2.84112,
183Makode, Ethan 2.841568Ellicott City,MD
185Fan, Andrew 2.795241,
186Ferraro, Sam 2.786629,
187Kidd, Geneva A.2.778815The Woodlands,TX
189Bishop, Shawn 2.765923Baltimore,MD
188Weiman, Asher 2.769314,
190Anderson, Andre 2.761571Baltimore,MD
191West, Michael 2.742238,
192Evans, Mignon 2.734407,
193Diehl, Heather 2.665935Baltimore,MD
194Amato, Andrew 2.655201,
195Wade, Aniya 2.649969Baltimore,MD
196Rice, Caroline 2.576975,
197Block, Piper 2.559791Baltimore,MD
198Hicks, Cara 2.552766Baltimore,MD
199Oakey, Daniel 2.547403,
200McAllister, Catherine 2.544352,MD
201Razzak, Bilal 2.534918,
202Little, Natalie 2.467989,
203Gogel, Alex 2.456421,MD
204Block, Lilly 2.405763,
205Greene, Sakari 2.404933Baltimore,MD
206Korn, Surya 2.394961Stevenson,MD
207Wetzler, Matthew 2.352838,
208Monte, Christian 2.299688Baltimore,MD
209Brinckerhoff, Emily 2.283242,
210Chou, Stephanie 2.144706,
211Fleet, Nijah 2.07146Baltimore,MD
212Eddins, Trinity 2.041479Baltimore,MD
213Lambert, Raymond 1.910311Baltimore,MD
214Dennis, Joy 1.809407Baltimore,MD
215Nelson-Saunders, Julieanna 1.660997Baltimore,MD
Total Players: 240
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