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Ranking Player Rating City
Adult Rankings
1Khan, Imran 6.003865Buffalo,NY
1Khan, Imran 3.70545Buffalo,NY
2Dukarm, Matthew 5.77589Buffalo,NY
2Dukarm, Matthew 3.3102Buffalo,NY
3Bassett, Kingman 5.499598Buffalo,NY
3Bassett, Kingman 1.5Buffalo,NY
4Sausen, Trey 4.971632Clarence,NY
4Sausen, Trey 1.95452Clarence,NY
5Dukarm, Ryan 4.648764Buffalo,NY
6Collins, John V4.570709Buffalo,NY
7Hogan, Caroline 4.547379Buffalo,NY
8DeRose, Peter D.4.529031Buffalo,NY
8DeRose, Peter D.2.99451Buffalo,NY
10Drake, Robert C.4.437231Buffalo,NY
10Drake, Robert C.1.82233Buffalo,NY
9Friedman, Luke 4.441983Buffalo,NY
11Lazar, Noah 4.424552Orchard Park,NY
12Bray, Evan 4.342244Orchard Park,NY
13Brinkworth, Isobel 4.330432Buffalo,NY
14Sardo, Jason 4.244017Buffalo,NY
15Koehler, David 4.190832Amherst,NY
15Koehler, David 1.81882Amherst,NY
16Stoffman, Jacob 4.128463Buffalo,NY
18Munschauer, Grace 4.109704Buffalo,NY
17Sarraf, Elias 4.113442Buffalo,NY
17Sarraf, Elias 2.2224Buffalo,NY
19Derose, Petra 4.01062Buffalo,NY
19Derose, Petra 1.53994Buffalo,NY
20Prezzano, Kavitha M3.92816Buffalo,NY
21Khan, Zahra 3.91264Clarence Center,NY
22Webb, Matt 3.903811Amherst,NY
22Webb, Matt 3.06132Amherst,NY
23Derose, Cara 3.877071BUFFALO,NY
23Derose, Cara 2.02588BUFFALO,NY
24Roland, Matthew 3.876892WILLIAMSVILLE,NY
25Greene, Cutler S3.824798Buffalo,NY
26Rimmler, Philipp 3.809937Boston,MA
27Schlehr, Jack 3.656382Clarence,NY
28Swing, Alva 3.648597Buffalo,NY
28Swing, Alva 1.5Buffalo,NY
29Ansari, Sharique 3.620973,NY
30Stevens, Ali 3.592443Buffalo,NY
30Stevens, Ali 1.53994Buffalo,NY
31Ahrens, Gabrielle E3.577372Buffalo,NY
32Munschauer, Grant 3.548812,NY
33Emmons, Martin 3.538222,
34Wyckoff, Ellie 3.509651Buffalo,NY
35Franz, Laura 3.479719Buffalo,NY
36Hart, Erin 3.430577Buffalo,NY
37Sheehan, Tommy 3.393222,
38Kerman, Ben 3.354503,
39Collins, Nora 3.332996Buffalo,NY
40Donaghy, Brian M.3.285337Buffalo,NY
40Donaghy, Brian M.1.5Buffalo,NY
41Hayes, Cameron 3.246114Buffalo,NY
42Righter, Edward 3.210358,
43Barnett, Kevin 3.189981Buffalo,NY
44Ivancic, Tom 3.181809,NY
44Ivancic, Tom 1.5,NY
47Gallen-Kallela-Siren, Gabriela 3.166345Buffalo,NY
45Khan, Alina 3.174808Clarence Center,NY
46Parentis, Dean 3.166712,
48Croglia, Adam 3.136541,
48Croglia, Adam 1.5,
49Wolney, Rick 3.101261Orchard Park,NY
50Kellogg, Ian H3.06432Buffalo,NY
51Rimmler, Sara H3.048393Buffalo,NY
52Taneff, AJ 3.021349,
53Dunn, William 2.981623,
54Hole, George T.2.930824Buffalo,NY
55Brown, Geoffrey 2.891171,
56Schechter, Jake 2.887931,
57Gurney, Juliette 2.839985,
58Croglia, Molly 2.772234,
59Pearce, Zoe E.2.737669Buffalo,NY
60Reilly, Craig 2.702022,
61Wolney, Ann F.2.671062Orchard Park,NY
61Wolney, Ann F.1.73854Orchard Park,NY
62Coppola, Grace 2.657989,
63Greene, Charlotte W2.656876,
64Dunn, Mary 2.607874,
65Sherris, Lara M2.593453Buffalo,NY
66Roland, Brady 2.496169East Amherst,NY
69Mann, David 2.397543,NY
68Sheehan, Molly 2.40015,
67Wall, Rich 2.40221,
70Dunn, John 2.141798,
71Donaghy, Olive A1.796308Buffalo,NY
Total Players: 88
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