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Ranking Player Rating City
Adult Rankings
1Lasusa, Timothy 5.820337Old Lyme,CT
1Lasusa, Timothy 3.09837Old Lyme,CT
2Ma, Alexander M5.806054New York,NY
2Ma, Alexander M3.19158New York,NY
3Roberts, Thaddeus H5.429653Cambridge,MA
4Detter, Johan 5.361598Conshohocken,PA
4Detter, Johan 4.08763Conshohocken,PA
5Khanna, Uday 5.214561San Francisco,CA
6Wahlstedt, Rick 5.093868Katonah,NY
6Wahlstedt, Rick 3.59801Katonah,NY
7Von Hausen, Christian R4.983879Pembroke Pines,FL
8Merrill, Keith S.4.908706New York,NY
8Merrill, Keith S.2.21398New York,NY
9Hang, David R4.845464Greenwich,CT
9Hang, David R1.5Greenwich,CT
10Sperry, Mark 4.808148New York,NY
12Husain, Harris 4.799922New York,NY
11Kharkar, Rutwik 4.803507Philadelphia,PA
13Vrattos, Will 4.799788,NY
14Luke, Timothy F.4.680566New York,NY
14Luke, Timothy F.1.5New York,NY
15Mayhew, Charlie H.4.620472New York City,NY
16Beaman, John E.4.5616Locust Valley,NY
16Beaman, John E.3.51525Locust Valley,NY
17Johnson, Griffin L.4.526755New York,NY
18Stewart, Charles 4.458583,NY
19Fink, Nicholas W.4.445402New York,NY
20Edmands, Ike 4.398038New York,NY
21Koehler, Sophia 4.323101New York,NY
22Van Der Stricht, John 4.230133Boston,MA
23Knowlton, Sam 4.209699,
24David, Jim 4.169968Washington,DC
25Duber, Brant E.4.16205New York,NY
26Khanna, Aditya 4.155095San Francisco,CA
27Dyson, Sadie 4.146172New York,NY
28McEntee, Justin J4.138035Westport,CT
28McEntee, Justin J1.80019Westport,CT
29Entwistle, Daniel J 4.125698New York,NY
31Burger, Nicholas 4.105511New York,NY
31Burger, Nicholas 2.21353New York,NY
30Pagon, Marshall W.4.111532Haverford,PA
30Pagon, Marshall W.3.82458Haverford,PA
32Dyson, Patrick M.4.015889New York,NY
33Bristol, Samuel 3.999357,NY
34Hoh, Sophia 3.958998New York,NY
35Kagan, Thomas 3.93399New York,NY
36Birch, Foster 3.871358New York,NY
37Dye, Charles M.3.81678New York,NY
38Ford, David 3.768498,CT
38Ford, David 1.56555,CT
39Hsu, Daniel A3.663533New York,NY
40Ayres, Alexander S3.623164New York,NY
42Bramwell, William 3.571462New York,NY
41Iorio, James 3.573614,
43Machiels, Oliver J3.468714New York,NY
44Wahlstedt, Lukas 3.402641Katonah,NY
45Beaman, Kyle D3.330662Locust Valley,NY
46Halloran, Chris 3.325528,
47Littlehale, Robert 3.322963Norwell,MA
48Barr, Alexander 3.189728,
49Price, James 3.153422,
49Price, James 1.6517,
50Bradley, Annabel 3.083404,NY
51Dyson, Julia 2.985836New York,NY
52Flynn, Christina 2.947432New York,NY
53Hoh, Audrey 2.945361New York,NY
54Lansing, Edward 2.931371Greenwich,CT
55Iorio, William 2.856534,NY
56Boyle, Hugh 2.810154,
56Boyle, Hugh 1.5,
57Marshall, Hudson 2.591125,
58Rodriguez, Nicholas 1.909546,
59Lin, Gavin 1.802369,
Total Players: 73
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