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From Northern California Squash Association
Sacramento Rules

Sacramento Valley Squash League
Rules and Regulations

1. Divisional Guidelines
Each Division should be comprised of at least three Club teams, each team representing one of the Spare Time Clubs (Cross Court of Woodland is the only current exception), each Club represented by a Club representative (
Club Rep). It is the responsibility of the Club Rep to solicit player interest in serving as Team Captains, and to solicit those players interested in committing to a Team and its upcoming schedule. It shall be the decision of the Club Rep and Team Captains to promote League participation within their Club, to gather the names of all interested players, to rank such players by skill level, and to propose one or more teams for any of the Divisions. All matches must be played in all clubs that participate in the SVSL as scheduled.

The Sacramento Valley Squash League for the 2014-2015 Year will be comprised of 4 divisions:
Players in the 1st Division should be in the skill range of 4.91 (or equivalent) and above.
Players in the 2nd Division should be in the skill range of 4.0 to 4.90 levels (or equivalent).
Players in the 3rd Division should be in the skill range of 3.0 to 3.99 levels (or equivalent).
Players in the 4th Division will be open to all players below skill level 3.0, including first-time players.

2. Team Make Up and Ranking

·        Team squads will consist of up to 8 players made up of four active players per match and up to 4 alternates. (Note: Only players with at least 2 matches played during the regular season will be allowed to play in the NORCAL Championships at the end of the season and only 7 players per team will be allowed on the play-off rosters.). A Club may submit more than one team in more than one division.

·        All players are strongly urged to become members of US Squash, the registration is free. All new players will be assigned a rating by their captains.

·        Club Reps and Team Captains are responsible for the formation of Teams within each Division, obtaining commitments from players and alternates, determining and recommending the rating and
seeding of such players, and submitting such Team rosters to the Commissioner
s Office for its review and approval. Player participation may not be unreasonably withheld for any reason.

·        Rosters should include the Players names, telephone numbers, cell phone numbers, email addresses, and US Squash ratings. If an experienced player is unrated, or a player has no previous league or tournament experience, Club Reps and Team Captains will be asked to assign a rating equivalent.

·        All players must be a member of the clubs participating in the SVSL. If a player from one Club wishes to play in for another team at another Club, that player may do so with the permission of the two Club representatives (such permission may not be unduly withheld and is subject to review by the Commissioner).

·        If a player cancels his/her club membership during the season they can be replaced by another Club member. Teams are not gender related.

·        Prior to the start of the season, a full list of Teams and players, with ratings and seedings, will be released by the Commissioners Office to all Team Captains for a one-week comment period, during which suggestions may be submitted and considered. The Commissioners Office will then release the final Team Rosters for posting to the US Squash web site.

·        Any alternates added to any Team Roster after the start of the season must be approved by the Commissioner.

·        All the players should be in the roster before the match starts. If the player is not in the roster the match should be mark as forfeited  

3. League Scoring
All matches will consist of four individual matches between the two teams. Matches will be best of five
games, eleven point-per-rally game. Within each Division, Teams score points as follows:

(i)           1 point for each game won, max of 12

(ii)          1 point per player for each team with a full team turnout, max of 4

(iii)        1 point per match for the most games won (if games won is tied, then the bonus point is based on most points scored) max of 4.

·        US Squash system will compute each team points after uploading the results.

The Team with the most points within each Division at the end of the season will win their Division. If two Teams have equal points, the results of the matches played between the two Teams will determine the result.
A Default or Forfeit is defined as the failure by a player or players to appear as scheduled, without adequate notice to the opposing Team Captain, or without approval from the Commissioner
s Office.
Generally, matches should start within 15 minutes of the schedule time, but every effort shall be made by both Team Captains to account for traffic, weather conditions, family emergencies, etc, in delaying any game in the interests of getting all games played on that particular night.

4. Team Membership, Seeding and Forfeits

·        Prior to each match, Team Captains may rely on the Team roster and seedings posted on the US Squash web site as of the day before the schedule match The raiting system should be used just as a reference and captains and club reps are responsible to track the actual play of their rosters.. If there is a change to the roster or seeding,  Team Captains will agree before the match what is going to be the roster and will agree to determine who will play in each of the 4 slots of the match. Captains  may email or text his opposing Team Captain a minimum 1 day prior to the match date with any changes to the players and/or seedings.

·        A Player from a lower division can be alternate sub for a higher division team but the opposite is not allowed.

·        All alternates must be on the Team roster. Alternates are only eligible to play at the lowest seeding level (A4 for a 4-player team) and are ineligible for higher seed positions.

·        New members may be added during the season as long as the Team Roster does not exceed 8 players.

·        Seedings may be changed periodically by each Team Captain. Players are permitted to challenge higher seeded players within each Team, and the higher seeded player must accept that challenge within a reasonable time frame.

·        Any team playing a match out of order” i.e., with incorrect seeding - will forfeit the points for that match and any other affected matches.

·        If a higher position player cannot make the match, all players are to move up a position. If an alternate cannot be found in time, then the default goes to the lower position. If a team fails to move their players up, then all points earned by that team below the default player will be
forfeited. A player from a lower division can be asked to play for a higher division that week. If using an alternate player, Team Captains must ensure that such players are on their rosters; if not, then that game will be forfeited and all points won will be forfeited.

·        If possible, Team Captains should notify the opposing Team Captain in advance as soon as they know of a default or forfeit, so that the opposing player can be notified as soon as possible.

·        If a Team Captain gives a minimum [3-day] notice that one of his/her players cannot make an upcoming game, then the two Captains can make an effort to schedule the game prior to the scheduled game date, but not after. The opposing Captain and the opposing player are under no obligation to honor the request, in which case the Team Captain would have to move up the seedings or forfeit the match.

·        Any advance matches approved by both Team Captains will qualify both Teams for the 1 point full turnout” bonus.

·        Any disputes during the Team matches must be submitted to the Commissioner no later than one day after the match date, so as to allow the Commissioner to obtain the facts and to determine a ruling in time for the Division standings to be updated by end of the week. The Commissioners decision is FINAL.

5. Playing Order and Start Times
Playing order is generally 4, 3, 2, 1, but can be changed by mutual agreement of the Team Captains.
Captains should make every effort to accommodate each other on playing order. Start times are typically 6:00, and Club courts are typically reserved 6:30-8:00, so any agreements by the Team Captains for earlier start times are subject to court availability. If an earlier time is agreed to for a matches or matches, then it is the responsibility of both Team Captains to confirm that courts are available and reserved.

6. Reporting of Match Results
Results are to be entered online ( by the Home Team Captain. Results must be entered by noon of the 2nd day following a match (e.g. Tuesday games by noon Thursday, Wednesday games by noon Friday and Thursday games by Saturday at noon).

7. Governing Rules
All teams agree to abide by the World Squash Federation's Rules of International Squash. A copy of the rules may be obtained from US Squash on their website at

8. Referees
All matches are to have a referee/scorer. Home Team will referee all of the matches. It is recommended that all Team Captains take the Club Referee Certification available on the website of
US Squash. If the respective Captains both decide that a certain game between two players requires a high quality referee, or a 3-man referee/scorer team, then such accommodations can be arranged prior to the match. A player may request clarification on why a call was made, but a player may not request the removal of a referee/scorer
prior to or during the match. That being said, all decisions by the referee/scorer, or the referee/scorer team are FINAL, shall be accepted by both players and their Captains, and shall not be eligible for review or dispute. Any post-match criticisms of the referee/scorer calls or performance by any player are subject to review by the Commissioner
s Office.

9. Code of Conduct
Players will conform with generally accepted conduct etiquette on the court during all games in accordance with US Squash rules and regulations. Players will respect their opponents, the referees and the game of squash and conduct themselves accordingly. Team Captains will be asked to remind their
players as potential referees of the US Squash code of conduct rules with respect to the available warnings, penalty strokes, and default provisions of the rules should any player exhibit bad behavior.
Referee decisions are FINAL and cannot be challenged post match.

10. Scheduling
Roughly half of all games will be home games and half will be away games. A schedule will be provided to all Captains prior to start of the league. It is required that the players on the home team provide refreshments for the away team. A new match ball should also be provided by each team.

11. Guest Fees
It is expressly understood that no guest fees will be charged by the clubs to any visiting players. A list of all players will be available to any clubs requiring this information. All visiting players will be required to sign in at the front desk and agree to abide by the rules of that club.

12. Disputes
All disputes, questions, misunderstandings not able to be resolved at a match, should be referred to the League Commissioner via email. Any information determined to be deliberately falsified will result in match results being voided for that team.

13. Current Standings
At the end of each season, the team with the most points will be declared first place winners. If the
calendar permits, a 1-2, 3-4, etc. playoff may also be scheduled. The top two winning teams from each division will go on to the Northern California playoffs.

14. Fees
There will be a $20 per player charge for the 2014
- 2015 Sacramento Squash League. Each participant
in the Sacramento League needs to be a current Northern California Association Member. Your team will be penalized by forfeiting points earned by the
Non Current Member” for that week’s game.

15. Trophies
A trophy is awarded for First and Second Place winners in each division.

16. League Commissioner
The League Commissioner for the 2014 - 2015 season is Javier Padilla. All inquiries may be directed to Javier at the email address or phone number listed below. Issues arising during the course of the season may be put to the vote of the captains, with majority ruling determining the outcome. Rules and regulations are revised during the meeting following the final playoffs, and comments and suggestions are

Contact Information Email Phone
Javier Padilla– (530) 8485260

Last change: 10/17/14

Last change: 12/03/14