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From Northern California Squash Association
Sacramento Rules 2016-2017


1. Team Make Up and Ranking Team squads will consist of UP to 12 players made up of four active players per match and up to 8 alternates. (Note: Only players with at least 2 matches played during the regular season will be allowed to play in the NORCAL Championships at the end of the season) Players on each team are to be listed in order of playing ability; Team order will be determined strictly based on the players’ US Squash rankings. Team order will be adjusted once during the winter break and at the end of the season prior to the NORCAL Championships. If a player is unrated and has no previous league or tournament experience, the club pro should assign an initial rating.

Players must be an active member of US Squash. Players’ name, cell phone, email and US Squash # and rating are to be listed. Players must be a member of the club for which they are playing. New members may be added as long as the squad does not exceed 12 players. New players must be included in the team position as determined by their US Squash ranking at the time they are added. Captains must notify commissioners of new players added to the team, after they have been added and at least 48 hours before they play their first match. Teams are not gender related. A club may submit more than one team in any one division. Prior to start of the season, Captains will be provided with a lineup of all teams.

2. Team Seeding and Forfeiture Each team captain should email the opposing team captain notifying whether they are or are not able to bring a full team and that a forfeit will occur. This should be done by midnight of the previous day. There is no need to name the players, but as a courtesy to other players, this is strongly advised. Teams must play according to the seeding of their players. Any team playing a match out of order will forfeit the points for that match and any other affected matches. If a higher position player cannot make the match, all players are to move up a position and the default goes to the lowest position. If a team fails to move their players up, then all points earned by that team below the default player will be forfeited. For any match one player from a lower division can be asked to play as a substitute, as the lowest possible ranked player. The sub player can only play two times for a higher division and must have a ranking within the requirements for division in which they are playing as a substitute. If using a sub player, captains must add player to team roster and notify the opposing team at least 24 hours prior to the match. Once a player has played a third time for the higher division, that player can no longer play for the lower division and becomes a member of the higher division. If the sub plays for two teams then the team he/she plays for the third time becomes his/her permanent team and they may no longer play as a sub for the other team.

3. Divisional Ranking Requirements Players in the 1st Division must be above a US Squash ranking of 4.50. Substitutes must have a ranking above 4.3. Players in the 2nd Division must be above a US Squash ranking of 4.00 and below 5.00. Substitutes must have a ranking above 3.7.
Players in the 3rd Division must be above a US Squash ranking of 3.20 and below 4.30. Substitutes must have a ranking above 3.0.

Players in the 4th Division must be below a US Squash ranking of 3.30. No substitutes are allowed.

*Division 1 teams are permitted to include pro players as well as regular players.

4. Governing Rules All teams agree to abide by the World Squash Federation's Rules of International Squash. A copy of the rules may be obtained from US Squash on their website at, including but not limited to the Code of Conduct for players, parents, coaches and attendees found under the Participation Policies at

5. Playing Order Playing order is generally 4, 3, 2, 1, but can be changed by mutual agreement of the Team Captains. Captains should make every effort to accommodate each other on playing order.

6. Team Captains and Match Captains Captains need not be the highest rated player. It is suggested that Club Pros have a member be Captain whenever possible. When a Captain is not present for a match, s/he appoints a Match Captain responsible for reporting the results to the Captain, appointing referees for each match and overseeing any situations that may occur during play. Results are to be entered online ( by the Home Team Captain. Generic scores like 11-7, 11- 7, and 11-7 should not be entered. Please enter the actual scores. This will be important if two teams are tied at the end of the season. Results must be entered by noon of the 2nd day following a match (e.g. Tuesday games by noon Thursday, Wednesday games by noon Friday and Thursday games by Saturday at noon). A 3-point penalty will be imposed for any late submissions. Recorded Scores are to include individual game scores as well as match scores. Rescheduling of matches are NOT allowed.

7. Scoring All matches will consist of four individual matches between the two teams. Matches will be best of five games, eleven point-per-rally game. Points will be awarded as follows:
One point for playing, one point for each game won in a match, plus four bonus points awarded to the winning team. Please remember the final score needs to be entered manually. • In the event of a 2-2 tie, the win is awarded to the team with the highest number of games won, if both teams have the same number of games won, games scores are used to calculate the winning team. If the scores are still ties then each team gets 2 bonus points. In the event of a player forfeit or default (no-show or inability to complete a match, or US Squash membership has expired), 3 points are awarded to the team member who was present (as if it had been a win, 11-0, 11-0, 11- 0) and 0 points to the team who had to forfeit the match. The missing player should be mentioned as “default” in the scoring process.

8. Referees and Markers All matches are to have a referee/marker. The structure of referee’s and marker’s roles are as follow by the US College Squash Association which can be found at In summary, the roles of each are as follows: THE REFEREE’S ROLE The referee is responsible for: • Timing the pre-match warm-up and 90-second breaks between games • Ruling on all requests for lets and strokes • Overseeing the marker’s calls and overturning them as necessary • Making calls for which the marker is responsible if the marker fails to do so or makes an incorrect call The referee makes the following calls: • “Half-time” (after 2 1/2 minutes of warm-up when players switch sides) • “Time” (when warm-up ends and the optional 90-second break prior to play begins) • “15 seconds” (said loudly when 15 seconds remains in the 90-second break before or between games) • “Yes let,” “no let,” or “stroke to ____” (in response to requests for lets) • “Out,” “not up,” “down,” or “fault” (when marker has failed to make an obvious call, or if the referee is positive the marker’s call was incorrect) • “Conduct warning to ____” (see section 17 of the World Squash Federation rules for guidelines regarding misconduct on court) • “Conduct stroke to ______” • “Conduct game to _______” • “Conduct match to ______” THE MARKER’S ROLE The marker is responsible for: • Announcing the score • Keeping a written account of the score • Repeating all decisions by the referee • Announcing the service side (only when asked) The marker makes the following calls: • “Best of 5 games, love all” (to begin play in the first game) • “Fault” (service out of court) • “Foot fault” • “Hand out” (change of server) • “Out” (ball goes out of court) • “Down” (ball hits the tin or the floor before reaching the front wall) • “Not up” (double bounce, double hit, or carry) • “10-all; a player must win by two points” (when the score is 10-10) • “Game ball” (said each time except match-ball) • “Match ball” (said every time it applies) • “Yes let,” “no let,” “stroke to ____” (the marker repeats the referee’s decisions for the players and spectators)

9. Warmups These should not exceed 5 minutes and timeouts between games are 90 seconds. The first match of the evening begins at 6:30 pm. If possible, as dictated by the individual clubs availability and number of courts, one or two courts should be blocked off at the home club for a period of two and half hours.

10. Scheduling Roughly half of all games will be home games and half will be away games. A schedule will be provided to all Captains prior to start of the league and will be available on the US Squash website.

11. Socializing It is highly recommended that the players on the home team provide refreshments for the visiting team as a courtesy for their efforts to travel to an away match. A new match ball must also be provided by the home team captain.

12. Guest Fees It is expressly understood that no guest fees will be charged by the clubs to any visiting players. A list of all players will be available to any clubs requiring this information. All visiting players will be required to sign in at the front desk and agree to abide by the rules of that club.

13. Disputes All disputes, questions, misunderstandings not able to be resolved at a match, should be referred to the League Commissioner via email. Any information determined to be deliberately falsified will result in match results being voided for that team.

14. Current Standings The League Commissioners will provide current results to all league players via the US Squash Web Site. At the end of each season, the team with the most points will be declared first place winners. The top two winning teams from each division will go on to the Northern California playoffs.

15. Fees There will be no team charge for the League. Each participant in the League needs to be a current US Squash and will require to register with US Squash. Your team will be penalized by forfeiting points earned by the “Non Current Member” for that week’s game.

16. Trophies A trophy is awarded for First and Second Place winners in each division.

17. League Commissioners The League Commissioners for the 2016 - 2017 season are listed below. All inquiries must be directed to the league commissioners. Rules and regulations are revised during the meeting a few weeks before the start of a new season. Comments and suggestions are always welcome. Region F Peninsula – Michael Corbett ( SF City – Emilie van der Hoorn ( to be assisted by Eraj Siddiqui ( Sacramento – Javier Padilla ( East Bay - Waqas Khan ( Dated: 19th August 2016

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