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League Eligibility, Format & Rules

Eligibility, Format & Rules (all subject to change): All players must be current ALBANY/US SQUASH members and must be a current member of ONE of either Court Club, Siena or Fort Orange Club. The format is individual self schedule where each Player is in a group and will play v. another player in their group each week. Whenever possible matches should be played in the week scheduled. All matches must be completed by the end of the round. After a match has been scheduled, any player whose opponent fails to show up within 20 minutes of the time set for a scheduled individual match is entitled to win the match by forfeit. Matches are best 3 out of 5 games 11 point-a-rally must win by 2 scoring. Protective eyewear must be worn by both players. There is no official ball. Players may use any ball mutually agreed upon. Players with NRS Ratings below 4.0 are encouraged to use the Dunlop single yellow dot (or similar) ball for a better match with longer points. The winning player is responsible for recording the scores on-line at the Albany Squash league section of the US Squash website. All matches must be completed and reported by Friday of the last week of each round. Matches not reported by the Friday of the last week of the round will not be counted. Players who do not play at least half their matches in any round may be dropped from the next round. Upon completion of each round, players in each group will be ranked based on win/loss record, head to head play, total games won, fewest games lost and then total points in that order. In general, the top two players in each group will move up to the next higher group, the bottom two players will drop down to the next lower group and the middle players will remain in the same group. However, changes to this format may be made as necessary to accommodate players dropping out, new players entering or other unusual circumstances. When members of different clubs are playing and a guest fee is required for the non-member at the club where the match is played, players are asked to split the guest fee.

Last change: 10/04/18