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Boston Racquet Club

100 Summer Street
Boston,MA 02110
3.5 League Administrator: Ali Abdullah*
4.0 Team Captain: Timothy Galligan*
League Administrator: Brian Dell'erario*
League Administrator: Samuel Schweizer*
3.0 Team Captain: Carl Cummings
4.5 Team Captain: Ripley Hastings
Head Professional: Mike Downey
League Admin: Kenneth Weber
League Admin/4.0 Co-Captain: Thomas Durkin
International Singles: 6
Total Courts: 6
Member Status: Active

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Team Leagues

Status Event Type Starts
Sanctioned Activities: B- Box leagues, L-Ladders, TL-Team Leagues, T-Tournament
Affiliated Organizations City Courts
 • Boston Racquet Club (B)(L)(TL)(T) Boston, MA 6
 • Massachusetts Squash (B)(L)(TL)(T) Boston, MA 0